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Montserrat Mountain in Spain

Ever since my husband and I moved to Missouri from Spain two years ago, we had wanted to visit Montserrat, Missouri.  We knew nothing of the town except for its namesake, the special mountain near Barcelona where we lived in Spain. 

The mountain, Montserrat, is located near the Pyrenees, but is not a part of them.  It rises out of nowhere pushing towards the sky with jagged rocks.  The name itself comes from these strange, jagged rocks; Montserrat means Serrated Mountain in the original language of the region, Catalan.  This region of Spain, known as Cataluyna, is now biligual, but the historical and natural sites have Catalan names.  The people of the region believed it so special that a monastery was built at the top of it, and they traveled from far away to visit it.  Today, thousands of visitors come from all around the world every year to visit the mountain and its monastery.

Penedes region

This past Sunday my husband and I were returning home from a wedding, we found ourselves without children for once, and decided that this was the day to visit Montserrat, Missouri.  We didn’t know what we would find, but the point was the adventure.  The town was so small that we past it, we turned around at the next exit and returned to what seemed a neighborhood more than a town.  We did a loop around preparing to leave when my husband decided to go down one last road...

We couldn’t believe it when up on the left we saw a vineyard.  A vineyard in the hills of Montserrat, Missouri, it was just too perfect!  The valley and hills all around Montserrat in Spain are filled with vineyards as well.  It is called the Penedes region and they produce wine and cava.  Cava is Spain’s Champagne, and that is where it is made.

We pulled up the road with the vineyard pinching ourselves.  We turned into Bristle Ridge Vineyards and walked into the shop, we met  the owners and told them we were from Spain near the mountain called Montserrat.   We shared with them about our Montserrat, and they told us about Montserrat, Missouri and the Bristle Ridge Winery.   Finding the vineyard was like finding a little home away from home.  What a wonderful surprise to find another connection between the two Montserrat's.   

Kate and Ferran Blanco

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